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We Treat All Types of Illnesses

Acute Illness Services

While a sinus infection, sore throat, urinary tract infection, or injury can interrupt your day, we strive to treat you quickly and easily so you can get well and resume your regular routine.

Digital X Ray

We offer digital X-ray’s in house to diagnose fractured bones, pneumonia and other conditions.. All procedures are over-read by a certified Doctor of Radiology. Why go to the Hospital when we can perform the X-ray right in the clinic?.


Spirometry is a useful lung tool in detecting lung disease. Spirometry (meaning the measuring of breath) is used for diagnosing asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, and COPD. Our In-House Spirometer is similar to those used by Pulmonologist and can quickly and easily assist the providers to evaluate your lungs.

School, Sports and Pre-Employment Physicals

We offer school and sports physicals to clear school aged children who want to participate in school athletics. We check height, weight and vision as well as screen for scoliosis as a part of this physical.

Skin Tag Removal/Cryosurgery/Skin Biopsy

We remove moles, warts and other lesions. We can perform cryo or freezing to treat warts, lesions and pre-cancerous lesions. If our provider determines a biopsy is recommended, we e can send the biopsy to a pathology lab to be tested to determine if it is skin cancer or not.

Chronic Illness Services

We can help with chronic conditions such as: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Thyroid Disorders, High Cholesterol, Congestive Heart Failure, COPD or any other chronic illness. Understanding the importance of regular follow ups and testing to ensure your disease state is stable; our Providers are backed by a combined 20 years experience in treating these conditions. Our providers have experience treating chronic conditions and understand the importance of regular follow ups and testing to keep you as healthy as possible. We have over 200 years of combined medical experience between all of our providers!


EKG testing is available in house. Our 12 lead Echocardiography is the best way to measure and diagnose abnormal rhythms of the heart, particularly abnormal rhythms caused by damage to the conductive tissue that carries electrical signals, or abnormal rhythms caused by electrolyte imbalance, In an Myocardial Infarction or Heart Attack, the EKG can identify if the heart muscle has been damaged in specific areas, though not all areas of the heart are covered


We can stitch you up in no time! Our providers have received training in suturing lacerations and wounds and we can give you your tetanus booster while you are here. Friendship Medical Clinics can prevent an emergency room visit which saves you time and money.


Friendship Medical Clinic offers immunizations for Influenza(Flu), Pneumonia, Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (whooping cough) and Tetanus. Consult our medical providers about your immunization schedule.

Womens Preventive Health (Annual Exams)

Women face a special set of health needs. As primary care providers, we are trained in many areas of women’s health and can provide many of the same services as your gynecologist — which can help you reduce the number of doctors you see for routine issues. We’ll help you with everything from Pap tests to guidance and counseling on birth control, breast cancer screening and menopause. And of course we work closely with many of the best OB/GYN specialists in the area, should you ever need a referral.